Saturday, March 28, 2009

Something small, something special

Today I decided to crochet something small. To get the feeling back and use cotton leftovers that I have tons in different places.

The small purse can be used in different ways: as eye glasses case, gift bag, coin purse or something else.
Measurements are 10x18 cm.

To be honest, I like more practical things, but somethings handicraft can be just beautiful. And special.

But taking the photos took more time than crocheting. Having no natural light is real pain and I had to use 3 different lamps. The result was still bad, photo with lots of shades, but I used Photoshop ad removed most of mistakes.


elsiee said...

HI Ann! Just discovered your blog on an Etsy forum thread - your work and your writing are both delicate and beautiful, I can't help myself, I'm your latest follower!! come on over and visit me sometime:

Anonymous said...

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