Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bread making :)

I finally finished the top I showed on mu last post. Took only 2 weeks to make another sleeve :)

But it's not the only thing I've made recently.
I admit- I'm probably the worst cook you've ever seen, but despite of that, I love baking!
Bread making is something I've been experimenting in last two weeks, my goal is to have a delicious home-made bread on our Christmas dinner table.
The bread on the photo is filled with black plums, cranberries and raisins.

And the best part- it's very easy to make! I got some leaven from a friend, mixed it with tepid water and rye flour and left it to a warm place for 24 hours.
Then I added some salt, sugar, plums, raisins, cranberries and more rye flour. It proofed under towel for 2 hours and then I baked it with 200C for an hour.
You can find a lot of videos about bread making on YouTube.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

About past and future

Before the end of November we had a big snow storm here. Please, don't get me wrong- snow is very common in Estonia, it isn't surprising anyone.
But still every year the first snow comes unexpectedly. Especially this time- it snowed continuously for 2 days and caused a lot of problems- big areas were without heat, electricity, water and internet. On 21th century!

Now everything is fine again. Snow melted in 2 days, but it took over a week to repair the electricity thing.

At the moment I'm enjoying vacation and knitting a lot. Still have some orders to complete and some new ideas to realize.
One you can see on the photos. I've been experimenting with this blouse for 4 days and I couldn't decide what to do with the sleeves. Now it has puff sleeves, because I fell in love with them when I made the puff sleeve cardigan.
I will finish it tomorrow, today I tried it with live model and I love the result. I'm considering making more for spring/summer 2009 season. Do you think it's a good idea, would you wear a top like this?

Christmas is a hot topic here, like in most homes.
We were talking about presents and I asked what my son would like to get this time. The list was long, of course- an elephant, a giraffe, a car, a bus, new bag and so on, I even don't remember everything.
And then he said something that made me laugh for hours:
"Santa Claus will bring a new baby to mommy this year."

Well, I admit the idea is charming, but thank you, not this time! One is still enough for me!