Monday, March 30, 2009

Cinnamon pasties

I finished baking cinnamon pasties. They look a bit clumsy, but taste so juicy and soft. Here is a piece for every European friend, at least virtually!

As you can understand, baking is my other obsession. I'm probably the worst cook in the world, but I absolutely love baking. My sister made pasties two days ago and has been talking about it since then. I had no other way than try myself too.

Oliver is sick again and I spend all week home, so I have a lot of time to experiment.


Kreativlink said...

YUMMY! *reaches into her monitor*
They look delicious!

ingermaaike said...

The look very njummie! I love baking too, just put the bread in the oven :-D

creationsbyeve said...

lokks so yumyyyy!

jealousydesign said...

yummy! I love baking too, it is fun and I think it is a relaxing thing to do