Wednesday, December 3, 2008

About past and future

Before the end of November we had a big snow storm here. Please, don't get me wrong- snow is very common in Estonia, it isn't surprising anyone.
But still every year the first snow comes unexpectedly. Especially this time- it snowed continuously for 2 days and caused a lot of problems- big areas were without heat, electricity, water and internet. On 21th century!

Now everything is fine again. Snow melted in 2 days, but it took over a week to repair the electricity thing.

At the moment I'm enjoying vacation and knitting a lot. Still have some orders to complete and some new ideas to realize.
One you can see on the photos. I've been experimenting with this blouse for 4 days and I couldn't decide what to do with the sleeves. Now it has puff sleeves, because I fell in love with them when I made the puff sleeve cardigan.
I will finish it tomorrow, today I tried it with live model and I love the result. I'm considering making more for spring/summer 2009 season. Do you think it's a good idea, would you wear a top like this?

Christmas is a hot topic here, like in most homes.
We were talking about presents and I asked what my son would like to get this time. The list was long, of course- an elephant, a giraffe, a car, a bus, new bag and so on, I even don't remember everything.
And then he said something that made me laugh for hours:
"Santa Claus will bring a new baby to mommy this year."

Well, I admit the idea is charming, but thank you, not this time! One is still enough for me!


Kristen said...

Love the sweater...I would definately wear it but the v neck is a little low for me...don't want to show off my belly button :)

ColorJoy LynnH said...

It is a beautiful, well-thought-out design. I am sure it will look lovely on many women.

I am 50, though, and my curves are too low to make this one work on my shape. That's fine... nobody can wear every beautiful garment.

Jen Sue Wild said...

What an amazeing talent you have .. I love this sweater..
I would tottally just waer it with a shirt or cammy underneath..

José said...

Hi there,

Well..knitting a bus may take time, but an elephant....

Kind regards,