Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Giveaway winner, finally!


As I mentioned before, because of illness I had some very bad days before holidays.
I'm very sad that I wasn't able to collect all your contacts you sent for giveaway, but I just didn't feel well and I was surprised by the big amount of subscribers.

I got 137 people to participate. Wow!
Random.org picked a number 81 (how can I copy the photo here, anyone knows? first time I used it...) and the winner is Melanie R. from Canada.
I'll contact you this evening and ask for your address! 

Because of the late post I would like to double the bid: winner will get a pair of fingerless gloves with her neck warmer and of course, the color of neck warmer is up to her too. I'm ready to to everything personal!

I have some fun projects going on, I'll write about it in my first newsletter and I promise a lot of news ;)