Monday, November 2, 2009

Karisma socks

Originally it was a knitting blog. In fact, is still is.

I took my needles out after a long time and bought new yarn: red and white wool for my new long socks.
I found a pattern from Garnstudio and on the photo you can see my progress, started this morning.

Multicolor designs is not something I like much. It takes forever to knit them, but the result is worth it hopefully.

They will look like this:


Elizabeth said...

Those look so snuggly and warm! Perfect for a day like I'm having here!
Thanks for visiting my Halloween parade!

Blarney said...

Hi Ann! Thanks for dropping by my blog a few days ago! It's always exciting to see & talk to smiling bloggers from other countries.
Knitting was a talent my Mother had. She tried to teach me but to no avail. When she passed last year I donated all her yard and needles to a group of ladies who kint throws, scarves, hats and mittens to children in need. Knitting is a true talent and you've absolutely got it my dear!

Anniki :) said...

You're so sweet Blarney!