Sunday, July 19, 2009

Preparing for fall/winter season

Last few months have been a long (and quite lonesome) journey for me. A lot have happened and is still happening.

Some time ago I lost my motivation to work after I find out that another person is coping and selling my designs. It turned me off and this work didn't seem worth doing any more, because why I should spend my time, energy and money for creating something interesting, if someone just comes and steals it?

And besides that I had lot of other things going on- my "real" job takes all my time, all weekends I've spend as clubbing photographer and it was impossible to find time for picking up my knitting needles.

But 2 weeks ago I met my new employer and he inspired me to find my inner passion again. And it is definitely knitting! He made me understand that only I can make important decisions. It's all about myself and no one else can't take away my dreams.

So I stopped finding excuses for doing nothing. I stopped whining about lack of time and started doing things. And everything finally seems so easy!
I'm doing my best for finishing some unfinished things and also prepare new designs for upcoming fall/winter season. Yes, they can copy everything I do, but I will do it better! Because I put my heart and soul into my works.

I know I've been bad to everyone who read this blog. But here are my greatest apologies and I won't leave you alone any more.

Important notes:

* All my European Street Team friends- I really miss you! I've been reading Star's blog and know what's going on. But I still miss you!
* If you like soul music, then buy Seal's new CD "Live Soul". I've been listening it for last 3 days and I fell in love.


Rita alias alatvian said...

Happy to hear you are back and crafting!!! Yes, this is the way to go!!! Good luck with the new job and the new season!

Kreativlink said...

Sorry to hear that you had a somewhat rough time... but good to hear you're back now :)

self taught artist said...

sorry to hear that person stealing your ideas ruined the joy for you. glad you got re-inspired. its a big world and its important not to let their creative emptiness empty YOUR creativity!

ira said...

Nice to hear you feeling much better now:)

karuski said...

How great that your new employer is such a supportive person! Sounds like you have a lot of energy again, let it flourish into new designs. Enjoy the summer too:)

Star of the East said...

Glad to hear that you are ready to begin again. There always will be copy cats, we just have to learn to not be bothered by them!