Friday, April 3, 2009

More cinnamon pasties

This is my knitting basket. I don't have another basket that could hold more than 70 pasties and I had to take my yarns out.

There is a reason why I baked so much today. I will take most of them to my brother who will be home with his two children this weekend- 6 year old Daniel and 4 year old Deivi.
Their mother and his wife has to go to hospital and on Monday morning their third child, a little beautiful girl, will be born.
So I thought they need something good to eat while they're home without the mother.

At the moment I'm auntie to 4 children, on Monday there will be one more. Besides Deivi and Daniel my sister has also 2 children- Joosep who is 14 and Annabeth who was born last year.

The smallest, Annabeth, will be my hat and dress model this spring if I will find time to finish all things I've planned. Isn't she cute?


BlueTerracotta said...

They look delicious! And I'm sure they were enjoyed by your brother and his family!!