Saturday, April 11, 2009

Latest projects

The dress is made for my newborn niece. Her 4 year old sister already has one similar to this from past summer.
I would like to make more of the dresses for selling also. Do you think it's a good idea and what kind of colors combination would you like?
I'm thinking of yellow/green, pink/green, but I'm ready to try more.

The shrug is not a new thing. It was finished some months ago, now I just have a cute photo I wanted to share with you :)

You have seen similar tops in my blog before too, but this is a bit different.
The story is funny too. I went to local yarn shop and bought the cotton yarns for this project. 5 balls, because it's usually enough and if I need more, I can always go and get it.
I was choosing the color very carefully, but after I had knitted half of the top, I discovered that the colors are totally different! 2 balls were light beige and 3 balls light brown. I didn't see it in the shop.
First I wanted to unravel it, but I think 2 colors looks maybe even more interesting than one? I had to change the border pattern too, so it would make sense in different shades.

Now I'm dreaming of a dress with similar pattern...


MQuin said...

These are great Ann! I love the dress for the baby..and I adore the color too! maybe something pink/brown..I think..

Sigmosaics said...

wow! the little dress is gorgeous and DEFINATELY something you should put into your etsy shop!

absolutely stunning work, the shrug and the little top!!

ingermaaike said...

Very cute dress! I would love red and purple. and green and purple yellow and purple is cool too , well purple and just about any color..

I adore the tank top too, very slinky and sexy!

Anniki :) said...

lol inger :))))) A fan of purple...

missknits said...

wow these are all fantastic! i just love that shrug!