Sunday, October 19, 2008

A cup of tea?

Friday evening we went to café for a cup of tea.

I: “We would take 2 cups of Gurman’s “Seven samurai's” tea.”
Bartender: “Would you be so nice and tell me how to make it?”
I: “Well, let’s see. The tea jar is on your left shelf and I see a teapot next to it. Just take the tea, put into the teapot and add hot water.”
Bartender did what I suggested. 3 minutes later she’s giving me the teapot. “Would you like to have anything else?”
I: “Yes, cups for drinking would be perfect!”
Bartender: “Is one enough?”
I: “As you see, we’re together and I asked for 2 cups earlier, so I really appreciate if I can have 2 cups.”

Later she apologized and said it’s her first time to serve clients and she’s not even working there. Weird things happen…


Casey's trio said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog and saying hello. And clearly that person isn't cut out for serving people!

Shelly said...

Hello my faraway SITS friend! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I was cracking up laughing with your post about the tea. Funny how the bartender didnt even give you cups. Maybe she needs a new profession. At any rate, I Hope you have a wonderful week. Stop by my blog anytime!

caron said...

Hey, I'm a fellow SITSA....Thought this blog was funny. I thought I didn't know my way around the kitchen well-I think I've finally found someone who is less kitchen efficient than I am!