Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

I had a birthday yesterday. The party was real headache for my friends and family, because this time I had a special request to get yarn only, if someone wants to bring a present.

I even made a list of yarns which I would like to get. And shop addresses where to find it.
But still, can you imagine my 33-year-old brother buying yarn for her sister? I understand it was bit much to him, so we agreed I can choose them myself. Some other people used this policy also and I don't mind.

So today is the big day! When I finish my work, I will be off for the yarn shop and have 2 hours for shopping there :) I hope it won't take that much, but you never know.

In Pärnu, where I live, is a lack of yarn shops. We have one small shop with two wonderful owners. Really fantastic ladies and even if I don't know what I want, I always leave with a purchase. They have rather good assortment, although the shop itself is really tiny.
And we have some fabric shops who sell yarns also. Nothing fancy or interesting there, so I rarely go there.
I prefer to buy online from Ebay and have found some nice sellers there from all over the world.

From zdm812 I have purchased for 3 times. Shipping is fast, yarn is very soft, only thing I don't like is multicolored yarns. If they would sell white, brown or some other great colors, I would buy more!

Angels&Elephants from UK is my new favorite. They sell hand dyed wools and although also multicolored, they look really lovely. Gloves in my previous post are knitted from theyr Holly Berry yarn.

Another seller I like is jennisam05. They sell alpaca yarn and have a fantastic color chart. I haven't purchased from them, but I will do it in the future!

And last but not least- taj1066. I found the shop only few days ago, but they have some quality yarns with very reasonable price.

For me it's important that the shop ships internatinally and it's not very easy to find from Ebay. Less drouble with UK site, but possible to find some great shops from US also.


Littlellama said...

Happy birthday!! (= That was what I meant to say yesterday ;) )

Kreativlink said...

Happy belated birthday!!!
*does a little birthday dance*

karlita said...

Happy belated birthday - with lots of new yarn :):)


Happy belated birthday, what a great idea to request yarn as a gift... I have a 'big' birthday soon... now, will I ask for beads, paints, clay...?? Can't wait!

maitai said...

happy birthday from a fellow leo!!

AshleySpatula said...

Happy Birthday!

ChichiBoulie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a great day! :D

rockcreekcreations said...

I hope you had a happy, happy birthday!!

A yarn only birthday present sounds awesome!!

X by Leina Neima said...

Better late than never ;) Happy belated birthday :)